More Feedback on the Open Office Plan

Brought to us by Fresh Home–why the open office plan isn’t always the right answer.  Like everything there are Pros and Cons for the open layout concept. Click on the link below for a great article on this subject.

Why Office Walls Are Crumbling in 2015



Office Space Design, Colour, Texture and Technology can Improve Company Performance

When we read this article we had to share.  It definitely speaks to what A+ Image Commercial Interiors is all about creating for their clientele.

Office Space Design, Colour, Texture and Technology can Improve Company Performance

By Maurice Benatar

Can Your Office Furniture Improve Your Sales Numbers?

Every company wants to improve its corporate sales numbers, but not every company considers how the psychology of the buyer can be motivated through the strategic use of modern office furniture selections. And while innovative tables, chairs and other furnishings might not necessarily make or break a sale, they can certainly contribute to an organization’s overall sales success rates.

Why? It’s simple: The right office furniture “plays” on the psychological aspects of the sales cycle from the perspective of the purchaser. The individual who is being “sold to” – and who is being expected to make the “right” decision – can be psychologically motivated by office furniture to feel a certain way. This can be accomplished through careful attention to color, design and technology.

Step #1: The Psychology of Color

It has long been known that colors can be used to generate moods in humans. Renowned artist Pablo Picasso even quipped: “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Thus, the shade of the office furniture that is used in a conference room may in fact encourage physiological and emotional reactions such as increased/decreased blood pressure or increased/lowered metabolism rates.

Knowing this is the case, a Canadian business may want to choose to have a sales meeting in a room that has been designed with the psychology of color in mind.

For instance, if a company wants its buyers to feel a sense of trust mixed with enthusiasm, the colors orange (typically associated with positive energy) and blue (the color most associated with trustworthiness) may be utilized.

Step #2: The Psychology of Design

It’s not enough to simply purchase randomly-matched pieces of modern office furniture in certain tints to increase sales numbers, of course. What also must be factored into the equation is how the office furniture is arranged.

This is where an interior design consultant can come into the picture. By strategically placing chairs, tables, workstations and other furniture and equipment around a room or area, the sales prospect is subtly driven toward feeling a level of comfort. This, in turn, can ease negotiations and foster the path toward new relationships… and, hopefully, of contractual sales agreements.

Step #3: The Psychology of Texture

As with color, texture can be a strong influencer when it comes to the art and science of selling.

Consequently, flooring, seating choices and tables should be gauged for their desired psychological and physiological responses. A man or woman who finds textures too harsh or outdated may be subconsciously turned away from working with a company. On the flip side, that same person may be more likely to consider buying from a company whose furnishings are modern, clean and appealing.

Though playing upon the emotions of a potential customer may require a bit of psychological profiling of the “average” or “ideal” sales prospect, it can absolutely pay off in the long run. And if having a great – versus a good – sales year boils down to choosing the best, most well-designed modern office furniture… what company wouldn’t want to spend a little time on the process?

Maurice Benatar is Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at Mayhew, a Thornhill, Ontario company specializing in workplace design and solutions.

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The Brand = Environment=Success

Below we share the introduction to a wonderful article found in the May,2013 edition of Interiors & Sources magazine.  These words capture the essence of what  A+  Image Commercial Interiors is all about.

“To make an impression a brand has to engage people enough so that they connect with it emotionally, whether they are the target audience or a company’s own employees–apply this idea to design and you can guarantee a company’s staying power—-as long as it continues to resonate and inspire people.”
Source: Interiors and Sources, May 2013

“…the furnishings and surfaces are only pieces of a larger puzzle.”-Eileen Jones-Perkins+Will


Themed Office Spaces

cowboyToday my husband and I went to a law firm for some personal matters that we had not worked with before.  As a designer I was a bit surprised to see the decor. It was heavily themed in a Western -Cowboy way .  A lot of money was clearly spent on the design which included reclaimed wood beams and accents on walls and reception surrounds, stacked stone wall accents, real wood rustic floors and a lot of cow hide and leather seating.  This was a strong personal statement by the law firm owners.

So, the question is this is it appropriate given that the clientele for any law firm are diverse, and may be put off by the design aesthetic?  I for one dislike sitting on pony skin upholstered chairs.

pony skinDo you think that the design of your office should be appealing to your target clientele,  or is it your choice to decorate however you want since you work there every day?

At A+ Image Commercial Interiors we tend to lean towards design that will communicate your business image and appeal to your targeted client base.

Office Remodeling- How to Start?

Like all remodeling projects be it in your office or in your home, the first step is to develop a good design plan.  A thorough design plan will include programming-that is an understanding of the desired functionality of the space,including a detailed analysis considering  by  who and how it will be used including clients, vendors and employees.
A design concept should be written that details the overall desired look and feel for the space, and of course a budget for all of the needed equipment and furnishings needs to be considered. At A+ Image Commercial Interiors, we  often interview employees and sometimes even key clients prior to embarking on the remodel as well.


Below is a guest post on the subject office remodeling.

A scientifically designed and well-decorated office not only exhibits the culture of your workplace but also increases the efficiency level of the employees. If your office looks dull and shabby, consider remodeling it. Most people think that they need to spend a lot of money when remodeling their offices. However, that’s not always true! More than money, this project requires innovativeness and creativity. Here are some must be considered points that is of paramount importance, while remodeling an office.

Compile a budget: Before you embark on office remodeling, determine the amount that you can afford to spend vis-à-vis the objectives to be achieved. This will help you choose the right layout and the right type of material that you want to install. This will also help you decide on the items that you can afford to replace.

Layout: Layout is one of the most important facets of office remodeling. If there is no limit to your budget, then you can change the entire layout, but if funds are limited, then explore your creativity within the existing layout. However, above all else, pay attention to the functionality of the work area. Make sure that the cabinets and appliances are within easy reach and there is ample space to move around, ensuring the conveniences of the personnel.

Floor: When it comes to remodeling your office floors, there is an array of flooring material to choose from. Hardwood flooring, laminate tile flooring, vinyl tile flooring, cork and bamboo are some of the great commercial flooring ideas. While hardwood flooring gives a touch of elegance and sophistication, cork and bamboo flooring makes your office look chic and stylish. Both are strong, durable, easy to maintain and easy to install. All you need to do to maintain these kinds of flooring is mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming regularly. Laminate tile flooring is also an amazing option that is relatively affordable. It is resistant to burns and scratches and anti-slippery as well. If you are looking for comforts and executive luxury, carpet flooring is hard to beat. This kind of flooring will help you achieve an ultimate style and look to your office.

Paint: Pay attention to the walls of your office. To make them look bright and fresh, add a new shade of color. Make sure that the color you choose goes well with your entire office style. Moreover, it is often said that colors can greatly affect your mood. While blue can give the feeling of serenity and relaxation, green can make you feel joyous and enthusiastic. On the other hand, yellow is the color of happiness and youth. But the most important aspect is the color suitability to light, so that it enhances the brightness and spreads the light to all the corners of the room.

Storage space: When remodeling your office, make sure that you include a lot of storage spaces, where you can place books, files, and papers. Build in bookcases and cabinets that reach the ceiling height, ensuring high end finishes. This will not only maximize your storage space, but will also help you store things in an organized manner.

Office wall systems: For office wall systems, you can choose various materials, such as glass for freshness and passage of light. You can also include partitions for making optimal usage of the office space. Storage solutions are also a great idea for storing essential office belongings like files, papers, books and spare cables.

Good Design=Good Business

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Dwight David Eisenhower 

Business decision makers ranked improving office design and incorporating new technology at the top of their lists of the top ways to boost productivity.                                                                                                                      Source: ASID 200 Survey 

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION–In all of our projects, that edict is paid close attention to.   Be it a lawyer’s  office, an account, financial planner, medical office, restaurant or spa–the interior environment will impact both employees and customers.  It needs to work well AND look great.

While designing for increased productivity sometimes costs more initially, it saves money long term. Business decision makers are recognizing that the payback from effective office design often outweighs the additional expense. For example, in many companies an increase of 1 percent in productivity can provide revenues that exceed the cost of an entire year’s energy bill. (Source:ASID 200 Study)

Accessibility, Comfort, Privacy & Flexibility  these are the things that allow people to perform their tasks with increased quality and efficiency.  

What A+ Image Commercial Interiors Does

We work with small commercial business owners to define their desired brand image and then translate that image to their work environment.

Tenant improvements, build outs, and updates to existing spaces.

We are passionate about bringing your businesses’ brand image to bear through the design of your space. Not only do we improve employees’ productivity and the functionality of your space, but we ensure that your clients experience your company’s brand through your office environment.